The lion was picking at the tree and trembling, and the photographer was confused. He lowered his head and looked under the tree to understand

A lion, known as the king of the grassland, possesses sharp claws that almost no animal can escape from. However, even lions have their own enemies, as seen in this story. 
The protagonist is a photographer who loves capturing wildlife. Despite the danger, he is dedicated to the task. One day, he witnessed a lion firmly clinging to a tree, trembling incessantly. Confused, he looked down and realized the reason: there were many water buffaloes gathered below, forcing the lion up the tree. This unexpected situation left the photographer amazed. While some may feel sorry for the lion and hope for someone to rescue it, interfering with the natural laws of survival would disrupt the ecological balance. Just like in human society, where the law of the jungle applies, it may seem cruel but necessary for development. 
The photographer encourages everyone to strive and not be eliminated by society. 

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