Come out sooner or later to pay back! The wild dogs were about to eat the antelope, but were snatched ashore by crocodiles. In a fit of anger, they jumped into the river to settle their accounts, resulting in tragedy

The wild dogs in the African savannah were known as the "Three Brothers" because they always hunted together and loved stealing food from other animals. Recently, they had just caught a gazelle and were about to eat it. However, before the wild dogs could take the first bite, a huge crocodile snatched it away.

Stunned by the crocodile's size, the wild dogs watched helplessly as their meal was dragged into the water. This was a great humiliation for the wild dogs, who were used to stealing food. They couldn't just let it go. In a frenzy, the wild dogs jumped into the river, realizing too late that the crocodile had already devoured their dinner.

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