Pit bull fights the boar alone. The boar who doesn't want to do anything is tired of defending, but he is annoyed by Bitter's biting his ear. Half a minute later, the battle is over!

A man caught a wild boar and brought it home, putting it in a wooden fence. The boar was calm and ate the green leaves on the ground without becoming aggressive. Normally, the boar was gentle and never started trouble. It felt at ease with food and being confined. This infuriated the owner's pit bull, who couldn't resist provoking the boar. The boar obediently retreated to a corner. The pit bull chased it and cornered it against a wall. The boar, unable to escape, desperately dodged the pit bull's attacks.

The pit bull couldn't bite through the boar's thick skin, but it didn't give up. It attacked the boar's most vulnerable spot - its ear. The boar, in pain, howled and fought back. It couldn't take it anymore. "I have dealt with tigers and leopards. How can I not beat you, a mere watchdog?" The enraged boar roared and the pit bull, unaware of the severity of the situation, continued to provoke it. Worried that the pit bull would be hurt by the angry boar, the owner quickly shot the boar. If it had continued, everyone knew what would happen. However, upon learning of this outcome, their emotions were complex.

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