Otter couple’s adorable reactions to Dino’s roar go viral

Kotaro and Hana are two Otters on a mission: to be the cutest. Kotaro wakes up and stretches as she greets the day. The little critters squeak while running down the stairs, have a day of playing with toys, and are otterly awesome.

The toys may be odd, but Kotaro and Hana like them. The captions perfectly capture the situation when papa puts together a toy with a dinosaur. “Cute little dinosaur,” Hana says. She is not afraid or intimidated yet! Once they spy the toy dinosaur on the kitchen table, they decide it’s time to investigate.

The two curious little creatures sniff around and squeak at the dinosaur, and they appear to be crying for help. They do not like the roar of that one with shiny red eyes. Kotaro and Hana are so cute it should be illegal, as they chew on their little pieces of food, trying to figure out what the dinosaur is saying.

Eating is more important than being afraid. The two of them happily crunch their bits of kibble, virtually unaffected by the dinosaur walking around in front of them. But then, Hana sees the toy and is taken aback as smoke comes from its mouth. He raises his paw to touch it and make sure it is real.

The dinosaur goes after Hana, but Kotaro is unamused. He continues to eat back at his food bowl. The dinosaur places his butt directly in Kotaro’s face, which Kotaro is not thrilled about. The dinosaur goes after Kotaro, and he smartly jumps out of the way. The two otters watch the dinosaur walking back and forth.

They back away just as much as they run after it. It is an adorable sight to behold. The funniest part is when the dinosaur falls on its side and is down for the count. Crying for help, it does not look so scary anymore. The music in the background renders the video priceless.

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