Animals have the sweetest reunions with their best friends after years

Animals show how much love they are capable of in a video documenting a series of loving reunions between humans and their furry and not-so-furry friends.

Two horses were brought to a hospital to say goodbye to a Vietnam veteran. The veteran's dying wish was to see his favorite horses one last time. It was a sweet farewell.

A dog named Smoky was reunited with the veterinarian who saved his life after nearly dying in a fire. He was jumping and licking the doctor all over his face.

Even chickens can form strong bonds. It was unbelievable when a chicken rushed to stop her friend's car to greet her. Once the door was opened, she hopped in to say hello.

There was a diver that formed a friendship with a fish that recognized her and joined her every time she went for a dive. It was a beautiful and unexpected friendship.

After the explosions in Beirut, a woman never thought she would see her cat again. When she found her pet, she was in tears and couldn't believe how lucky she was.

Even wild animals such as wolves, tigers, and lions are capable of showing their love like humans. There are meaningful bonds everywhere; even time apart will never change it.

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