Fearless Alice Fox Attempts to Steal Meat from Dogs

If you want to see something super cute, look no further than this video. When Alice the fox cries, she sounds like a baby. She is an adorable domesticated red fox. She loves being pet by her human. The fox moans as her dad, Ivan, pets her lovingly. She loves it, and she is making little squeaky baby noises. She is a beautiful, affectionate creature. So sweet. She personifies cuteness overload.

When the fox stands up, she looks regal and dignified, fluffy and pretty. She is adorable, like a dog or cat, and very endearing. Alice loves to play in the snow with her doggie friends, Max and Bely. When Ivan gives them all breakfast, Alice sits under the porch, making noises—such a sweet little girl.

The fox tries to steal the meat from the dogs. She slinks over to the side of one of the pups and is anxious to take the food but runs back and forth between the two dogs. She looks adorable walking through the snow with the pitter-patter sound of her little paws. When her daddy comes close, she cries like a kitten and lets out a loud yelp. She appears to be talking to him.

Alice is a gorgeous creature with bright orangey-red fur and a big bushy tail. She falls asleep on the snow and goes and digs and rolls around in it like a dog. It is cute and funny to see her getting so excited. Watch this video because if you have never thought of having a pet fox, this video will make you want one!

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