Incredible Marine Life Rescue Stories: Hooks and Lines! Marine Life Manatee Rescue!

Marine Life Rescue #2: ManateeMarine biologist and photographer Dr. Caine Delacy learned that a baby manatee had fishing line around her right flipper that was not only restricting her movement, but likely causing pain. Working alongside teams from the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO) and Atlantic Resort, Nassau, he joined a full scale rescue mission to save baby Sayle.

Both manatees were coaxed into a small waterway, contained and lifted out of the water, ready for the veterinarians to get to work removing the debris and treating the wound. The line was wrapped three times around the flipper and had cut an inch into the flesh in places – but after removing the line, giving the wound a good clean-up and applying antibiotic treatment, both mother and calf were released safe and well.

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