Dangerous Time about Asian Elephant

Asian elephant Samudra celebrated his 15th birthday at the Oregon Zoo, weighing an impressive 10,000 pounds. Samudra, whose name means "ocean" in Sanskrit, has always had a playful personality and a love for water. As the first third-generation elephant born in the United States, Samudra's growth and development have been closely observed by zookeepers.

At 15 years old, Samudra is reaching an age where wild male elephants naturally leave the herd they were raised in, seeking the opportunity to mingle with other female herds. While Samudra's current situation suits him well, the zoo plans to eventually provide him with these opportunities. The Oregon Zoo participates in the Species Survival Plan for Asian elephants, a program aimed at maintaining a socially stable and genetically diverse elephant population in accredited facilities.

Asian elephants are considered highly endangered due to habitat loss, conflicts with humans, and disease. With only an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 remaining in fragmented populations, their home range overlaps with densely populated human areas. The Oregon Zoo has been actively involved in elephant conservation for over 60 years and supports various efforts to protect wild elephants. They have even established a $1 million endowment fund dedicated to Asian elephant conservation.

Samudra's birthday coincides with the Asian Elephant Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about the conservation efforts necessary to protect this at-risk species. The Oregon Zoo joins other accredited facilities and conservation partners in celebrating the significance and vulnerability of Asian elephants. In conclusion, Samudra's journey from a playful baby elephant to a majestic 10,000-pound adult highlights the importance of maintaining a sustainable and genetically diverse elephant population. The Oregon Zoo's role in elephant conservation and their dedication to protecting these magnificent creatures from habitat loss and conflicts with humans is praiseworthy.

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