Rare Snowy Owlets: Adventurous Journey

The Oregon Zoo is buzzing with excitement as Rocky and Banff's four adorable snowy owlets venture out of their nest to explore. These fluffy chicks, hatched just last month, are quickly growing and taking baby steps towards their first flight. According to Jen Osburn Eliot, the zoo's northwest area overseer, "The biggest of the group is already hopping around and spreading its wings quite a bit."

Over the next few weeks, these curious owlets will begin making test flights. During their first vet exam earlier this week, the downy gray chicks were given a clean bill of health and it was evident that they are gaining weight and feathers rapidly.

Snowy owls typically nest on the ground and owlets develop quickly to better protect themselves from predators. Eliot expects that within the next month or two, all four owlets will have their adult feathers. "They'll still look fluffier than their parents for a while," Eliot explained, "but they should have long feathers and be as large as adult snowy owls by the end of the summer."

For visitors to the zoo, there is a chance to catch a glimpse of these adorable fluffballs in the snowy owl habitat near Black Bear Ridge. But be sure to keep an eye on the ground as the owlets are still growing their wing feathers. In conclusion, the Oregon Zoo is abuzz with the exciting adventures of Rocky and Banff's four owlets.

As they explore their surroundings and prepare for their first flight, these fluffy chicks are rapidly growing and developing. Visitors can join in on the fun by observing these adorable owlets in their snowy owl habitat. Just remember to keep an eye on the ground until their adult wing feathers grow in.

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